How to Pair Your Phone with Chevrolet MyLink

red 2013 chevrolet camaro

You purchased your new Chevrolet a couple days, weeks, or months ago and you cannot figure out how to pair your phone with your car. You know that the sales person went over the process when you took delivery of your vehicle, but your mind was on “new car information” overload. You aren’t the most tech savvy person on the planet, and you are afraid of messing up your Chevrolet MyLink system.  What are you supposed to do now?

Have no fear! Thornton Chevrolet is here!

We will walk you through pairing your Bluetooth enabled phone with your Chevrolet MyLink radio, step by step (even with pictures!)

Follow each of the following steps, and in no time you will be able to enjoy chatting hands-free on your commute to and from work, or when you are taking your kids to soccer practice!

1. Place Your Vehicle in Park

Camaro Shift Knob and Chevrolet MyLink ScreenThis may seem like a silly step, but never try to pair your phone while driving. Even if you did try to pair it while cruising on the road you won’t be able to! The engineers at GM decided to make the Bluetooth pairing function only accessible when your car is safely in the park position. So pull off the road, park your car, and relax… The next few steps will be tons of fun!

2. Select the “Config” Button on the Control Panel.

Chevrolet MyLink Config Button Camaro It also may be disguised as a “Home” button in some models. It is easy to find. Just hit it.

3. Using the MyLink touchscreen, choose the “Phone Settings” option.

Phone Setting Chevrolet MyLink Option4. Then choose the “Pair Device” option.

pair device chevrolet mylink5. Now turn your Bluetooth to the “On” position on your phone, and search for your vehicle’s Bluetooth connection.

bluetooth connection google nexus 4I use a Google Nexus 4 through T-Mobile that runs on the Android platform, but it would be essentially the same on any other phone device, including Apple iOS products.

6. Verify that your Phone and MyLink are displaying the same “Pin” and then hit “Pair” on your phone.

chevrolet mylink google nexus pairAt this point your phone may ask if MyLink can access your phone book. Just choose “accept” and it will grant permission to MyLink.

7. Viola! You have successfully paired your phone with Chevrolet MyLink. Enjoy!

MyLink Dash Chevrolet CamaroThis “How-To” guide was brought to you Thornton Chevrolet located in Manchester, PA. Find out more information on your next Chevrolet by visiting Thornton Chevrolet online– we are Central Pennsylvania’s exclusive New, Certified, and Pre-Owned Chevrolet dealer serving York, Hanover, Lancaster, and Harrisburg!

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